Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bad Alice and how she got her name...............

It not really that hard to figure out why a young girl with a granny who was beloved by millions and known all around the globe for her trip down the rabbit hole into Wonderland would want to be different than her Granny or Alice the Second, her mother. Alicia was third generation Wonderland and proud of it but it also weighed her down.

Both of the older woman were pillars of propriety and appropriateness. They also were super examples of "good Alice's". That in and of itself would explain the juxtapositional take on life for a sweet girl named Alicia.

When she was but 7 she heard someone explaining that Bad actually means Good "really cool and happening" and that's when she began calling herself Bad Alice. Because, she thought she was cool and certainly wanted to grow up to be a trend setter and happening kinda girl. And she also wished to herself that her Mom Alice II had seen fit to name her Alice III. Alicia would have loved that.

But as time and adolescence came upon her, the idea of Alicia calling herself Bad Alice gave her some self doubt, trust issues and a tussle or two with her conscience. It was at this time that the stories that Granny Alice and Alice II talks of the real adventure to Wonderland and the terribleness, began to make sense to Alicia. Something life changing had happened when Granny Alice and Alice II had been called back to Wonderland to see what the Red Queen was up to and to make a video diary of all they saw. Unfortunately, they had just barely made it back to the Real World, but had to leave the video diary behind.  They were always looking for burrow mail from one or another of their friends back in Wonderland. Perhaps looking for the chance to get back to Wonderland and retrieve the film canisters.

It was those talks of what could have been and what should be spurred this young do-gooder to want to see for herself how she could make a difference in the case of the Red Queen's plague on Wonderland.

Since she was old enough to go to the burrow to check for an envelope, a sign, something, Bad Alice had had that as one of her daily chores and today was no different. She took the "long cut" down by the stream and sat on the low branch of the willow tree and stuck her toe in the water swishing her imagination into gear with every dip into the cool calm water. She dreamed of what Wonderland must have been like, way back when Granny Alice had met the Mad Hatter, had tea with The Dormouse, The White Rabbit and got to see the Cheshire cat.

Bad Alice was in mid swish when she saw a very young and very sweet white rabbit wearing a checkered vest lope by her. It took her a moment to realize that this was the very day that she and Granny and her Mom had been waiting for.......she jumped into the water, up the bank and rushed to the burrow to see if there was in fact a note from.....who?

And there it was. All polka dotty and was addressed to The Alice's. Along with the note was a package which included a map of Wonderland, directions to a meeting place and a picture of the person that the one of the Alice's was to meet.

Bad Alice's feet flew down the path to the house. She burst into the front room and with much less decorum than usual announced in a very excited voice that the Wonderland letter had finally come.

Now was the chance Bad Alice was waiting be asked by the two woman she admired in the whole of the world to go back to Wonderland and get the video diary and expose the Red Queen's wrong doing. And Granny Alice and Alice the II did just that.